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Company Profile

PT. Ferwitech Indonesia is established in 2014 and our office address in Citypark Business District blok E1 No. 5-6, Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat 11730 Indonesia, phone : +6221 22522118, Fax : +6221 22522120, email : sales@ferwitech.com, website : www@ferwitech.com. We have a team who are experienced in the business more than 20 years. We are is the leading global supplier of valve and heat transfer solutions. We have been committed to improving the living environment of mankind, focusing on establishing the long-term partnership with the users. We have dedicated employees and strong R&D capability, responding swiftly to clients' demands, providing customized products and full service to facilitate our clients' business success.

Our main product is manual operated valves, automation control valves and heat exchangers. By relying on high quality products for superior performance to meet the various needs of Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemicals Plant, Pharmaceuticals, Steel Industry, Power Plant, Pulp & Paper, Cement Plant, Shipbuilding, and Water treatment Plant. Our Q/A Management has passed the authentication of ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO14001;2004 environmental management system, OHSAS18001;2007 occupational health & safety system, API certification, CE certification, KS certification and GOST certification.

Product List :

1. Low Pressure : Ball Valves, Balanced Valves, Blowdown Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Rubber Joint, Strainer.

2. Middle & High Pressure : Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Check Valves, Plug Valves, Safety Valves and Strainer.

3. Automation Control Valve (Electric, Pneumatic and Manual) : V Type and O Type Ball Valves, Three Way and Four Way Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Knife Gate Valves,
Capping Valves, Cut-Off Valves, Regulating Valves, Top Valves, Solenoid Valve Box, P.C Controller.

4. Plate Heat Exchanger, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Air Cooled Heat Exchanger, Wide Gap Welded PHE, Block Type Heat Exchanger, Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger, Heating Coil, Heat-Exchange Balance Unit.

Material :

1. HT200 (Grey Cast Iron (Gray iron) - Tensile Strength ≥200 σb(Mpa))
2. HT250 (Grey Cast Iron (Gray iron) - Tensile Strength ≥250 σb(Mpa))
3. QT400 (Ductile iron - Tensile Strength 400 σb(MPa))
4. QT450 (Ductile iron - Tensile Strength 450 σb(MPa)
5. WCA (Weldable Cast A-Grade Carbon Steel))
6. WCB (Weldable Cast B-Grade Carbon Steel)
7. WCC (Weldable Cast C-Grade Carbon Steel)
8. CF3 (Stainless Steel 304L)
9. CF8 (Stainless Steel 304)
10. CF3M (Stainless Steel 316L)
11. CF8M (Stainless Steel 316)
12. 1Cr5Mo (Heat Resistance Alloy Steel)
13. LCB (Low Temperature Carbon steel)
14. DUPLEX 2205 Stainless Steel (a nitrogen-enhanced duplex )
15. Cast Steel (Iron alloy with carbon up to 1.7 wt.%.)

Codes and Standard :

1. API (American Petroleum Institute)
2. ANSI (American National Standards Institute)
3. AWWA ( American Water Works Association)
4. DIN (Deutsches Institut fur Normung)
5. JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard)
6. GB/JB (Guobiao – Chinese national standards)
7. GOST (gosudarstvennyy standart - Russian : ΓOCT)
8. NF (Normes Francaises - France)

We always realized, in alone we can not do any good work and produce excellent result. We proud to build any new relationship and cooperate with our principals in order to serve our customers better.

We wish to build a good and long term mutual business relationship with you and your company which will benefit us in both side.